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Don't Expect Masters Miracles

Who am I?

I’m you. I love golf. Have done since the first time I realised hitting that stationary ball isn’t easy.

I was born in the Home of Golf, but took up golf in Canada. I decided to devote my life to golf while writing my Masters thesis. I spent more time in the Toronto Library reading old newspaper cuttings of Hogan, Nelson and Snead than I did on my thesis.

I’m lucky. I’ve made golf my career. I often joke that I’ve spent 30 years not working for a living

I’ve travelled the world covering the game. I’m on a first name basis with its top stars. I’ve attended countless majors, European tournaments, Ryder, Solheim, Curtis, Walker and even PGA Cups. I’ve written for practically every major British newspaper, worked for great magazines in Today’s Golfer, Golf Monthly and Golfweek.

I’ve passed the R&A’s Rules of Golf exam, something few golf journalists have done. I’ve written six books on the game, and you can find links to them on this site.

I know golf, love writing about golf and still get a buzz playing wonderful Woburn Golf Club with my faithful dog Izzy.

After 25 years at Golfweek, a friend said: “You're one of the authorities of the game on your side of the pond and one of the few independent voices out there. Keep doing you.”


I am. I’m going to give my honest, fair and forthright opinions. Feel free to challenge me. I promise to try to respond to everyone who gets in touch.

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The content on this site is the exclusive copyright of Alistair Tait, and should not be used without permission. However, if you want me to write a bespoke piece then please get in touch at

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